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Born in New York on October 17, 1918 to a renowned family of Spanish dancers, Rita Hayworth was an American Dancer and actress, an undeniably great charmer of the early 40’s.  An heiress of a remarkable talent inherited from her father Eduardo Cansino and her Irish English decent mother Volga Hayworth. This catholic couple was married in 1917 and a year after Margret Carmen Cansino (Rita Hayworth) was born. Being the first child her parents had high hopes associated with her, her father wanted to see her as a dancer while her mother had a deep desire for her daughter to become an actress.

In 1927, the Cansino family moved to Hollywood in the hopes of being starred in a Hollywood production. Eduardo opened his own dance studio but unfortunately during the great depression he lost all his investment. To make both ends meet he partnered with his daughter to form The Dancing Cansino.  Rita was too young at that time to be legally dancing in the night clubs so Mr Cansino took her across borders with him to Tijuana, Mexico since it was a popular tourist spot.

From the age of 12, she started her work with her father in the cansino’s act and due to which she could never graduate high school, but she did completed ninth grade at Hamilton High Los Angeles. At the age of sixteen years after three years of constant performances in the dancing casino, Rita was finally spotted by the Fox Studio head Winfield R.Sheeshan and signed on a six month short term contract.

In 1936 she got married to a salesman and a promoter Edward C. Judson, later in 1953 she starred in her first debut film Dante’s Inferno in an erotic role and also appeared in small roles in Charlie Chan’s and under the Pampas’s moon. Soon after she was dropped and fox studio refused to renew her contract.

Her contract with Columbia pictures bought a colossal change in Rita’s persona, this was the time when she changed her name to Hayworth (her mother’s maiden name) and her hair from brown to dark red, this change not only made her more appealing but also introduced audience to her British American ancestry from which she became a classic American pin-up. Later in 1940 she featured in Music in My Heart, The Lady in Question, and Angels over Broadway. That year she was first featured in a Life magazine photo.

After her success with Columbia pictures she was led to Warner bros, which brought her to her first big success The Strawberry Blonde (1941) the film was a box office hit. Rita’s popularity rose and she immediately became the hottest Hollywood property. In 1944 she made one of her best-known films, the Technicolor musical Cover Girl with Gene Kelly the film established her as a top star of the 1940s.

In 1973 Rita Hayworth appeared in five minor Columbia pictures and three minor independent films and later she appeared in five Columbia B films. She also stared in a Howard Hawks Drama Only Angels Have Wings; the drama was a commercial success. Rita was of a very shy nature but when it came to her work she was full of life and gained a prodigious public attention with her explosive sexual charisma.

Rita Hayworth didn’t had the ideal marital life, got married and divorced 5 times with only two kids by her side, she had severe drinking issues along with Alzheimer’s condition , lapsed into a semi coma  and died in age of 68 May, 14 1987.

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