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An American actress and singer Vanessa Anne Hudgens was born on December 14, 1988 in Salinas California. She Belongs to a part Irish and part Spanish background, a genuine hybrid of both rich cultures. All of her grandparents were musicians which explain where her extraordinary musical talent came from.

At the age of 8 years Hudgens first appeared in a local theatrical productions Carousel, The Wizard of Oz, The The King and I, Music Man, and Cinderella among others. Two years after, her family moved to Los Angeles when she won a role in a television commercial after giving several auditions.

At the age of 15 years her acting career officially began. She attended Orange County High School for a couple of months and later got home schooled by personal tutors. Portraying the character of tiffany she appeared in her first television sitcom Still Standing following this she gave a guest appearance in an episode of CBS’s series Robbery Homicide Division. In 2003 Hudgens gave a debut theatrical performance in her first Drama -film Thirteen, the film embraced a great critical attention and grossed $10 million worldwide.

Walking down her way on the yellow brick road of fame Hudgens later in 2004 starred in a fiction-adventure film thunderbird which unfortunately didn’t receive the expected commercial and critical attention it was rather highly criticized.

Vanessa Hudgens is amongst those famous Disney Channel teen Stars, although she has worked with Nickelodeon productions too but it didn’t bring her the fame that working with Disney Channel productions did.

In 2005 Appearing in the role of Gabriella Montez as a main in Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical co-stared with her boyfriend Zack Efron and Ashley Tisdale, the movie got released in December 29 2006 and it became the first Disney Channel movie ever to be broadcasted on BBC. Since the movie is a musical it contained several songs by Vanessa and Duets with Zack Efron.

High School Musical received both great commercial success and critical attention and earned positive reviews. The song breaking free from the movie went on top 10 in the Billboard 100. The whole album was certified gold by RIAA and sold over 570,000 copies in United States.

Later in 2007 she released herself titled album Vanessa Hudgens and her two singles Say Ok and Come Back to me both became slightly successful. In august 2007 High School Musical 2 was released which made a record of 17.2 billion premier viewers. The movie made her a recipient to two Nickelodeon Australian Kids’ Choice Awards 2007.

Identified her second studio album released in same year gained response because of the movie, the album was preceded by one single Sneakernight which was her lowest performing single. IN 2008 Hudgens reprised her role again as Gabriella in the third sequel of High School Musical. The sequel was a huge success and made $90,559,416 in domestic and $162,349,761 in other territories leading up for a total of $252,909,177 worldwide, which was above even Disney’s expectations

In 2009 after getting done with all the High school Musical Series Vanessa Hudgens decided to put back her singing and focus on her acting Later that year she starred in a comedy musical Bandslam. She signed two movies in 2011 Beastly co-starred with Alex Petifer the movie mostly received negative critical reviews It was ranked #45 in The Times Magazine and made $28 million worldwide. She also starred in a an action flick and her most exclusive release Spring Breakers co-starring with Selena Gomez the film features mature content but it’s has been a cinematic success.

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